The department provides the best possible E.N.T. Facilities in the country through are team of highly experienced ENT surgeons.

Hearing assessment by:
• Pure tone audiometry
• Impedance audiometry
• Brain stem evoked response(BERA)
• Cortical evoked response
• Oto acoustic emission for screening of newly born

The Deafness clinic

The department is best placed to handle all types of ailments associated with ear. The most common being deafness. We have a state of art audiology lab where we can diagnose various ear diseases. We have an audiologist and speech therapist to look into the needs of these patients. This center performs even the most complex ear surgeries like cochlear implant and in today’s date it is the only centre performing this surgery in this part of the country. The teams of surgeons here have the experience of performing more than 100 cochlear implants. Presence of facility of speech therapy makes it very convenient for these patients to undergo surgery here. Beside this we have the capability of performing fully implantable hearing aid which again is being done only in this hospital. Other common diseases like pus discharging ear is also treated here with much better out comes , we do hearing correction of these patients while operatin g them for the ear discharge.

Vertigo (Giddiness) Clinic

Giddiness is a very common in the modern society. We run vertigo clinic all days of week where we diagnose the cause of giddiness and treat them.

Voice clinic

We run a voice clinic where all voice related problems are seen. Majority of these problems originate in the larynx the voice box. We perform video laryngoscopy to study these problems and diagnose them and treat them by micro laryngeal surgery.

Nasal and nasal allergy clinic

These are again very common problems. The polluted airs of cities have given raise to increase in nasal allergy problems. These patients are very prone for sinusitis. The basic cause for sinusitis is the narrow opening of the sinuses in nose. We perform a very short and simple procedure of widening these openings which prevents frequent attacks of sinusitis. ENT Dept. has the best equipment possible for the nasal endoscopic surgery. We have the micro debrider by which nasal surgery can be done with great accuracy with the result that patients have a very quick recovery after surgery.

Cancer surgery of mouth, throat, nose and ear

We have the best capabilities of the cancer surgery. We always keep in mind the disfigurement and function after the surgery. So we perform cancer surgery with minimal skin incisions and give a lot of importance to reconstruction. Some of our patients are so intact after the surgery that it is difficult to tell that they have undergone a major cancer surgery. Like the cancer of the larynx (the voice box) is a very common cancer. These patients loose voice after the surgery but we reconstruct them in such a way that they are able to speak after surgery.

This unit is fully equipped with most modern diagnostic tools with facilities for Microscope, Nasal endoscopies, Tympanometry, Flexible Endoscopic Laryngoscopy, Audiometry. The outpatient department has audiology section handle by qualified audiologist and speech therapist.

The department offers the following facilities:

  • Stapedotomy
  • Tymanoplasty
  • Ossiculopasty
  • Laryngectomy
  • Block dissection of neck
  • Endolymphatic
  • Sac Surgery
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